Achieve, Inc. - Empowering youth to break the bonds of poverty.
Our Mission
Standing with inner-city youth, until they can stand on their own. 

 What is Achieve, Inc.?
Achieve, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3. We are dedicated to standing with inner-city youth, until they can stand on their own. 

We strive to help at-risk and disadvantaged youth in three core areas:

1. Education 
Our staff and volunteers facilitate daily tutoring sessions with grade school, middle school and high school students. Our goal is to help our students achieve academic success. Students can utilize our computer lab with internet access that allows them to engage in online learning, and credit recovery. By using the PLATO system, our students can recover credits through their enrolled high school. Oftentimes, this is done concurrent with their regular class schedule. This allows students who are behind in high school credits to catch up with their graduating class. In addition to promoting high school graduation, we strive to assist students in pursuing post-secondary education including JR Colleges and technical schools/ programs.

2. After school programs and crime prevention. 

 The US Department of Justice notes that violent crimes by juveniles over most frequently in the hours immediately following the close of school, on school days. As part of our after school programing, At-risk and disadvantaged youth are given opportunity to participate in USA Olympic Boxing and USA Judo. They compete in sanctioned boxing and judo tournaments. These events include local, regional, national and world events. Our athletes learn discipline, self reliance and personal accountability through individual sport. Their success, or failure depends on their own efforts. It also teaches them how to handle pressure and to be comfortable in front of a crowd. Our players are forced to be self-motivated. This drive can only come from within. Intrinsic motivation is key to individual sport and carries over seamlessly into the academic and professional world.


3. Job Training 

      Nothing stops a bullet like a job.” (Fr. Boyle)

Onsite job training takes place throughout the year and teaches our students fundamentals of properly negotiating the employment process. They build on job skills and learn how to retain employment and thrive as an employee. We also assist with a summer work/study program that places students with various employers across the city. 

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