Achieve, Inc. - Statistics
Achieve, Inc. - Empowering youth to break the bonds of poverty.

We started actively tracking students in June of 2011. The numbers that follow do not include the kids that drop in for computer time, food, or to use our laundry facility. 

 As of 2018, we have enrolled (1120 students). 

51% (566 students) have stuck with the program for four weeks or more. 

Of those students, 78% (442 ) were expelled or had dropped out of school. 

22% (246) were enrolled, but failing or behind in grade level. 

We have tracked the academic, social and vocational progress of those students and have clear data that we are making a difference. 

98% of students who are eligible (554) students graduated with a diploma, GED/TASC/HSE. 

32% (126) are enrolled and caught up to their current grade level. 

33% (130) have pursued post-secondary training, college or technical school.  

54% (305) students are working full-time and 24% (135) students are working part-time.  

62% (350) were involved in the court system with one or more felonies.

 Of those involved in the court system 92% (521) students have no new additional charges. 

2% (9 students) of students are currently incarcerated. 

5% (28) students have been victims of a homicide. 


32 % (175 students) are, or were homeless at the time of enrollment.

 14% (79 students) At least one parent in Jail? 

96% (543 Students) African American

3% (17 students) Hispanic

 1% (6 students) White

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